Al Qiswa Quran Academy

About us

Al Qiswa Quran Academy

Al Qiswa Quran Academy is a highly specialized educational center that is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality learning experience. Our institute deeply values the importance of teaching and learning the Holy Quran, and we are committed to fostering an environment of growth and spiritual development.

Our passionate team of educators is comprised of highly experienced professionals who are devoted to helping students of all ages and backgrounds explore the depths of the Holy Quran. We take great pride in our long-standing history of promoting the values and teachings of Islam, and we have designed our courses to help students elevate their understanding and knowledge of the Quran, and apply its teachings to their daily lives.

At Al Qiswa Quran Academy, we believe that education is a lifelong journey, and our curriculum aims to instill a love for the Quran and its teachings that will last a lifetime. By utilizing the latest teaching methods and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that all our students receive the best possible education and guidance.

If you are seeking to embark on a spiritual journey that will equip you with the necessary tools to lead a fulfilling life, we invite you to join us at Al Qiswa Quran Academy. Our welcoming and respectful environment will provide you with the space to grow and learn while fostering a deep connection to the Holy Quran.

About Our Teaching

Our online Quran teaching method is designed to provide easy and convenient access to Quran education to people all around the world. We have a team of experienced and qualified teachers who use effective teaching techniques to help students learn Quranic recitation, memorization, and understanding. Our classes are conducted online via video conferencing software, so students can learn from the comfort of their own homes.

We use a one-to-one teaching approach, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and feedback. Our curriculum is designed to cater to students of all levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced learners. We use modern technology, such as interactive whiteboards and online resources, to enhance the learning experience.

We offer flexible scheduling options, allowing students to choose their own class timings based on their convenience. We also provide trial classes for new students, so they can assess the quality of our teaching before committing to regular classes. Our mission is to make Quran education accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or schedule constraints.

About Our Teacher

Our teacher who provides online Quran teaching services is highly qualified and experienced. They possess a deep understanding and knowledge of the Quranic teachings and are dedicated to passing down this knowledge to their students. They are passionate about teaching and are patient, kind, and compassionate towards their students. Their teaching style is tailored to the individual needs of each student, ensuring that they receive personalized attention and guidance. They use modern technology to teach, making the learning experience effective and interactive. They are open to answering any questions and doubts that their students may have and ensure that their students become confident in their Quranic knowledge. Overall, our teacher is an excellent Quranic teacher who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their online Quran teaching services.

Our Mission

Al Qiswa Online Quran Academy offers high-quality online Quranic education to Muslims worldwide. With experienced teachers and interactive learning methods, the academy welcomes students of all backgrounds and ages to enroll in courses such as Arabic, tajweed, and Islamic studies. Flexible and personalized online classes allow students to learn at their own pace, and the academy aims to empower Muslims to become successful leaders in all aspects of their lives. Ultimately, the academy’s mission is to promote the understanding of the Quran and Islamic values while helping students establish a deep connection with the faith.

Our Vision

Al Qiswa Online Quran Academy offers accessible and affordable Quranic education worldwide, promoting Islamic values and teachings. Their mission is to provide high-quality Quranic education, allowing individuals to form a strong connection with Allah and His Holy Book. They aim to develop proficient Quranic reciters and scholars who can lead their communities. Al Qiswa uses innovative teaching methods and technology to pioneer Quranic education, contributing to betterment of the Muslim ummah.